Monday, March 20, 2006

T is for Traviesa

We had classes today, and I was relieved to get out of the house and actually do something. Walking around on crutches is tiring! We are leaving for Lima on Friday and I'm worried about how I am going to slow the group down. I feel stupid. Only 17 more days with the dumb cast! Feel free to count down with me. Another let down today... I realized that we will be in Arequipa when I get the cast off, meaning I will be in a cast for the entire Lima trip, which means no swimming in the coast for me. I can handle hobbling around, being slow and inconvenienced... but no swimming??? swimming is my favorite! Well, what can I do. I thought about cutting my cast off with my swiss army knife, but that clearly isnt a good plan. It especially isnt a good plan since I learned that I did not sprain ligaments, but I tore them. Fabulous. My family here keeps calling me "traviesa" which I had to look up in the dictionary. It is translated as "mischevious" or "naughty", but I like to look at it as sassy. My traviesa ways have caught up with me. I have never valued my foot so much! It is so useful. Anyway... ailments aside I doing alright. Tomorrow I get to see Vanessa! We are meeting up in the Plaza de Armas, and she is coming home to meet my family and have lunch. Tommorrow night we have a night time class at the local hooka bar to listen to some rock music in Quechua. Ooh, before I forget... this is a shout out for Shana's mom! Helloo! I had no idea you read my blog. Shana is a girl on my program, and she mentioned that she talked to her mom who like, poor taylor! even though Shana didn't tell her about my fall. Apparently her mom is a very skillful woman on the computer and found my blog. Hello, how are you! I think that is it for now... I am nervous about travelling for two weeks with a cast on, but I will tackle that when it comes. Kenyon people, update me. What is going on in Gambier. Everyone update me, emails always welcome. Love you all


Anonymous Sara (Shana's mom) said...

Hi Taylor,

I love your blog... it is interesting to get your perspective as well as Shana's (which tends to focus on plumbing or the lack there of). I hope that ankle heals quickly. Hang in there with the crutches!!

2:16 PM


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