Monday, February 27, 2006

Quechua is crazy

Helloo, I just took my first Quechua exam! It was pretty hard but I understood most of it. My post from Friday didn't show up for some reason, so here it is:

Beautiful Friday... just finished my morning classes. Carolina Margaret and I are going out to lunch and then to pick up my new boots! You can get custom made leather boots here for very cheap. Hopefully they will look good. So yesterday the Shaman was a total bust! The guy we were going to see is so well known that he was completely booked with people. We kindof hung around this town, saying hello to people in Quechua, but it was obvious that we were wasting our time. Our Quechua teachers found another guy to go to... and he was really rude and was giving us all bad vibes. He read someones "fortune" from coca leaves and it was totally ridiculous. You will find love... you will work... blablabla. So we left, unenlightened, maybe we can see the real shaman another day. I'm glad its Friday, we are going to eat in the center of the city where there are lots of great restaurants. We have class from 3-5, and then its the weekend! Tonight I'm going to see Man du Mond yet again. Don't have too much to report... Oh ill put up some pics!

we had coca ice cream the other day, it was delicioso:

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three sexy women at Sachaywaman:

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large white Jesus at Sachaywaman:

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So that was Friday. Today is Monday, and I'm pretty wiped out from the weekend. Friday night we went to our favorite bar, Km. 0, to see Man du Mond yet again. The band caught on to the fact that my favorite song of theirs is their cover of "Where is my Mind?" by the Pixies. So when they were going to play, the drummer was like, and now Marcella, from the Estados Unidos, came all the way just to sing this song! and I was like uhh, okay! So I sang a song with the band. Check it out:

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It was really fun. Saturday I slept late, and played Carnivales with Flor Tatiana. Saturday night we went to a concert at an alternative school run by this guy that we met, Yuri. The school is really great, and all of the kids are from the campo, they walk about an hour or two every day to go to school. I am going to volunteer at the school when I have free time. The kids sang with Man du Mond, and it was great.

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Then we all went out to a chicheria (a place that sells chica, an alcoholic drink that is made out of fermented corn, very tasty). Yuri took us to a part of town that we have not been to yet, much more local than anything I have seen yet. The chiceria was in the back of a courtyard of a really cool old house that is owned by an artist. There is art hanging everywhere, inside and outside. We were in a totally random place and we ran into one of our professors, Joe was randomly there (a guy on my program), and the host brother of another guy on my program. It was bizarre. It was fun, and we all left with confetti in our hair for carnivales. I went out to dinner with Dani and Caro, and we had some delicious pizza. Again we went back to Km. 0 for yet another Man du Mond concert, and then we all went out dancing at a discoteca. Got home way too late, and my friend slept over because she forgot her key. Sunday was the end of Carnivales, and we all went to Plaza de Armas to play. I went with Margarita, Carolina, and Dani, and we went equipped with four large bags full of globos, water balloons. We left soaked, covered in foam, and pink powder. It was a lot of fun. Apparently next Sunday there will be more, even though I am told Carnivales is over. I don't really understand.

Last night I had to study Quechua for our exam today. It seems like whenever my family parties, I have to study or sleep. I decided that this time I would take a study break and join them for a little bit. They were all drinking beer, singing and dancing, and putting baby powder on everyones face. I left completely powdered, it was a lot of fun. Okay our Quechua teacher wants to chat, more later.


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