Thursday, February 23, 2006

dia de commadres

ok so i just started using photobucket and i think i can put pictures in my blog, lets see how this works:

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this is a pic of my and Marge at the ruins in Ollaytantambo. If this works, there will be many more to come.

So today is the day of commadres (women), and last thursday was the day of compadres (men). I don´t really understand what exactly they signify, but everyone parties. Well I´m not sure about everyone but on the dia de compadres last week a couple of us were walking by the plaza de san blas and there was a band playing and lots of older people with purple facepaint on, confetti in their hair, and large cusquenas in their hands. Some old men sprayed me with foam and I thought it was beer, so I licked it off my arm and it was foam from a can, kind of like silly string. yuck. So I don´t know what craziness will ensue for today, but I´m pretty sure it will be tame. In about an hour we have an excursion to see some shamans, so we can practice Quechua. Apparently the shamans can tell the future. We´ll see. Tonight I´m going to see Man du Mond play again if I get my work done. I´m a total groupie now. They are playing everynight from now until Monday, and I´m totally there. We are hanging out with them tomorrow night. woo woo. Ok well I think that´s it for now... ciao


Anonymous Ali-Roo said...

Tay! You look so adorable and happy in your picture, I can't wait to see more pictures from your "Peruvian Adventures"! I can't believe you're going to see a Shaman, that is so cool, I wish I could come! I can't wait to hear about the Shaman, please post all about it! Did he wear a loincloth, like the Shaman in The Doors movie? Did he have snakes around? Did he smoke "something"? Did you learn healing techniques?

I hope you're doing well! It sounds like you're having a great time :) Let me know if there is a phone number I can reach you at, I would love to chat! (My email is Talk to you soon! LOVE, Ali-Roo

4:52 PM


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