Saturday, February 18, 2006

lazy saturday

sorry about the interrupted blog last night. Margarita and I went out with my brother and sister, Brayan and Ingrid, Ingrid´s husband Rodrigo, and Rodrigo´s friends. Again there has been a discoteca false alarm. We went out to a really cool bar which had dancing , but we only stayed a bit to drink some Cusquenas. And now for the second installment of Awkward Things Margaret Says... hopefully you remember the first awkward moment, when Margaret stole some cookies when some Israeli guys were talking about killing Arabs. For the second hilarious moment... we were riding in a taxi on the way to the bar, and we were talking about Fabian, the one year old baby of Ingrid hermana and Rodrigo. They put him to bed before we went out, and Ingrid´s parents were going to watch him. Margaret wanted to ask if it is hard to put him to sleep, and she said... ¨Fue dificil a hacer Fabian...¨ trying to figure out the end of the sentence, but she had already asked, ¨Was it hard to make Fabian?¨ We all started laughing and Ingrid said no, not at all, and Rodrigo replied, ¨it took about twelve minutes!¨ Oh the hilarity. Rodrigo´s friends are really funny and nice. After that we went to one of Rodrigo´s friend´s house, and there were about 20 or so people. It was very low key, everyone just sitting and chatting, with an interesting soundtrack...MOBY. Margaret and I thought it was funny, but they all really like Moby, apparently. After a while of sitting and Moby-ing, the merengue and salsa music started and people just got up and started dancing! it was really fun, a little intimidating because some of the guys are amazing dancers, including Brayan. But we had a good time and that was our non-American evening! We were very excited about it. Earlier yesterday I got home from school, had a massive lunch as usual (its so big, I can never finish..) and I was proud of myself because I almost ate all of it. It was just be and Brayan and Ingrid mama for lunch, because everyone else was at Rodrigo´s final graduation type ceremony for his architect school. They all came back, dressed up, and they were like Marcella we are going out to eat! And I was soo stuffed, and I was like, but... I just ate... and they said just to come for company so I did. I didn´t realize it was a huge lunch with many many people at a fancy restaurant. It was really fun, lots of good food that I could barely put in my mouth because I thought I was going to pop. The cusquena was flowing, as well as pisco sours. The lunch lasted hours and hours, and before I realized it I was going to be late for my 6 oclock class! So I take a taxi to the school, and just make it to class on time. I can´t tell a lie, I was a little boracha for class. It was my family´s fault! But, no worries, nothing to sober me up like a long lecture on Spanish conquistadores... So yesterday was very full and fun. Today I lazed around, slept late, etc. I woke up to the sound of water splashing, because Flor Tatiana and this other girl were getting eachother wet with buckets of water (its still carnivales here...) and laughing etc. So I came down, fully dressed and ready for my day, only to get doused with massive amounts of freezing rain water. I grabbed a bucket and we were all getting eachother, even Mama Ingrid. So fun. I wish we had a tradition in the U.S. of soaking eachother during summer, its really fun and everyone is constantly playing a game. So I did that and hung out with my family and napped. Very nice. Now I am going out for crepes and to a hooka bar, but nothing crazy planned... we have an excursion early tomorrow to the town of Pisaq, to go to the ruins and a famous street fair. hasta luego


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