Friday, February 17, 2006



Margarita and I are sitting here, practically jumping out of our seats because we are finally going to a DISCOTECA PERUANAAA! The other day I mentioned it was a false alarm, we only went to a dumb english speaking englishy pub. I mean it was nice and fun but you know. So tonight is Friday (woowoo) and we are going out with my sister Ingrid and my ... oh snap we have to leave. more later


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ew i hate the english speaking bars. BUT everyone on the program only wants to go to these lame english speaking bars to meet lamer english speaking people that are shit faced and totally lame. im going to have to start drinking on my own to discover sketch little bars on my own. or just start drinking at home because by the time i show up to bar gringo i wont care and will be shouting usa at the top of my lungs while waving red white and blue sparklers....

10:50 AM


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